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Dooars in Monsoon:Your Ultimate Guide for Things To Do in Dooars During Monsoon | Bengal Tourism

As always I will come straight to the point here.There will be plenty of websites which will talk about Dooars Tourism and what you should do,where you should visit during your Dooars Trip during off-season.

I wish to talk about something in detail which I was unable to find in these sites during my research.I will talk about "How you can plan your Dooars Trip during Off seasons"

This year we had set our goal to visit Lava during the Aug break and also booked tickets accordingly.But suddenly we had to change our plan as we soon began to realize that our hope of reaching lava will soon meet a dead end as it depends on our Politician's mood.As we were travelling with family we finally decided that we would got to Dooars.

Whatever little time I had in my hand before the journey date,i have utilized that time researching and preparing a short itinerary  which can make up for our original trip.I will break up this article in these following sections so you can better plan you trip.

You may decide to skip all these info and check out my Travel Vlog about Dooars to find out more details about the Same Here

  1. Places to visit during off-season
  2. Identifying the location for overnight stay (very much Important during off season and monsoon)
  3. Finalizing your Station/Airport of arrival
  4. Our Trip Plan
  5. Our Travel Vlog

Dooars (Places to visit during off season) :

  •  Medla Watch Tower Visit (Gorumara National Park): As you all know Gorumara National Park remains closed during monsoon,you might thinking of avoinding this place during this time.Guess what,if you happen to visit there during monsson you will be more please as the flora and fauna of the jungle will mesmerize you further.
          Although all places related to Gorumara national park remain closed due to monsoon,Only one place remains open for tourists which is know as Medla watch tower.Tourist can avail a Buffalo safari to reach Medla watch tower.If you are one of those who loves nature and does not really care about wildlife sightings,trust me,you will get more than what you expect in this route.Please have a look at the below pictures to know different costs related to this "Buffalo Safari"

Gorumara National Park Price List

Near Entry Gate of Gorumara National Park

Entry Gate of Gorumara National Park

View from Medla Watch Tower

  • Samsing: If you are there in Dooars during monsoon,then visiting Samsing is a absolute must.I dont want to brag about this more and should ask you to check out the following pictures to decide for yourself.





  •      South Khairbari Nature Park: As the whole Jaldapara Reserve remains closed for visitors for safari you may have decided to skip this during monsoon,but wait,there is one small place here which remains open during monsoon too.I am talking about South Khairbari Nature Park here.Let's just say,The place is not that bad.There are 2 Leopards & 1 Tiger in captivity as of now.
          It does have its own advantages & disadvantages.Let us focus on advantage first.This nature park can help you fulfill this small but very important nature activities.These are as follows.You can also have a detailed look at what to expect in this park in my Travel Vlog Here

  1.  Nature Walk
  2. Anticipate possible sighting (All though they are already inside a Cage)
  3. Some important time with yourself
  4. Introduction to different sounds of nature (If you have patience)
  5. A possible small long drive across jungle during evening (take the alternate route while coming back)
South Khairbari Nature Park

Inside South Khairbari Nature Park

Inside South Khairbari Nature Park

One of the Leopard inside South Khairbari Nature Park

Just outside of South Khairbari Nature Park

Road Beside South Khairbari Nature Park

  • Roads between Chalsa to Gorumara National Park: Just Wow.Thats the only i think, i am going to say.Rest I leave it to your good judgement.Enjoy this road (Specially during evening)

  • Murti River: What can i say about Murti river.You have to see it's actual condition during monsoon to believe it.It looks like a giant volcano waiting to erupt during monsoon thus bringing out the best in it.

Identifying the Location for Overnight Stay :

If you are visiting Dooars during monsoon,you should ideally be staying in Chalsa for its proximity towards Gorumara & Samsing and Madarihat for its proximity towards South Khairbari Nature Park.

You can alternately stay at Lataguri as well as its very close to Gorumara National Park.But i will suggest you to stay at Chalsa to visualize the might Murti river & occasional road trips to the near by jungle roads.Trust me,you will want to come back again afterwards.

We have Stayed in these following Resort (For your Information)

  • Wagtail Resort (Chalsa) ( Mobile - 9831020400)
  • Jaldapara Wild Hut (Jaldapara) ( Mobile - 9831020400)

Apart from these there are plenty of good resorts available in Chalsa which you may consider.
My recommendation for you would be to book Murti Tourist Lodge which is run by West Bengal Tourism
You may book it from here - https://goo.gl/zFPy5D

P.S : As we are talking about off-season,I will not discuss about other locations situated inside Dooars region which remains closed during Monsoon.

  • Suggested Station for Arrival:

  1. New Mal Junction - If you are planning to visit Chalsa/Gorumara First ( Approx 9 Km)
  2. Hasimara - If you are planning to visit Jaldapara first. (Approx 11 Km)
  3. NJP - If you are coming from somewhere else (Approx 58 Km from Chalsa)

  • Our Tour Plan:

Day 1: Pick up from NJP Railway Station and then move to Gorumara Murti Sector. Check in to Hotel & refresh. After lunch drive to visit Murti River, Khunia Jungle and then back to Hotel. Overnight stay at Gorumara Murti Sector. 

Day 2 : After breakfast at 09 AM drive up to visit Samsing Laligorus View Point and then back to Hotel. After lunch drive to visit Gorumara National Park Medla Watch Tower and then back to Hotel. Overnight stay at Gorumara Murti Sector. 

Day 3 : After breakfast at 08 AM check out by Gorumara Murti Sector and then move to Jaldapara. Check in to Resort & refresh. After lunch drive to visit South Khairbari Leopard Rescue Center and then back to Resort. Overnight stay at Jaldapara. 

Day 4: After breakfast at 07 AM check out by Jaldapara and then drop to Bagdogra Airport. 

Approx Cost Per Person for this Tour - Rs 5500 to Rs 7700 Depending on no of people in the group.

You may check out my Travel Vlogs below to know more about the destinations & current situation in the Hills

I really hope all the above mention information helps you prepare for that highly anticipated off season Dooars Trip during Monsoon.If these information helps in you in any way,please put your valuable comment below and share this information to your Friends and Family.

See you soon,at a Blog or Vlog near you :)


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