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7 Places To Visit From Chandipur Or Balasore | Odisha Tourism | Best Places to Explore in Balasore

Balasore is a very important station for me or many people like us who likes to explore Odisha in detail and beyond Puri.It is about time when Odisha Tourism starts focusing on this district to promote Tourism.

I have been to Balasore few times now and each time i was able to explore different locations surrounding this awesome district.This time i went to Chandhipur and i have visited the following locations from Chandipur itself.You can plan for visiting this locations from Chandipur itself.

Optional Sightseeing from Chandipur:

  • Khirochora Gopinath Temple
  • Emami Jagannath Temple
  • Nilgiri Palace
  • Nilgiri Jagannath Temple
  • Radha Krishna Mandir Chandipur
  • Mohona or Sangam of Buribalam River with Bay of Bengal
  • Panchalingeswar

Places to visit from Balasore,Odisha
Suggested Places for Visit  
Apart from this if you have more days in hand you can additionally visit this places from Chandipur
  • Devkunda
  • Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Simlipal Tiger Reserve

If you are starting your journey from Chandipur ,All the above mentioned location barring Devkunda,Kuldiha,Simlipal will be within Approx 110 KM to and from Chandipur.So if you are coming by your own or rented vehicle,Calculate your cost accordingly.Apart from that you can also hire Cars from Chandipur or Balasore itself.Cost for hiring of vehicles will be as mentioned below approximately.

  • Half Day Tour - Rs 1500 (10 Seater)
  • Full Day Tour - Rs 3000 (10 Seater)

I will be putting across a Travel Vlog about these locations on my Youtube channel soon.you may decide to check out those here - https://www.youtube.com/user/deep26btech

Let us have a look at the pictures of these places:

khirochora gopinath temple,Balasore,Odisha
Khirochora Gopinath Temple
emami jagannath temple,balasore,odisha
Emami Jagannath Temple

Nilgiri Palace,Balasore,Odisha
Nilgiri Palace

Nilgiri Jagannath Temple,Odisha
Nilgiri Jagannath Temple

Emami Jagannath Temple,Odisha
Emami Jagannath Temple


Buribalam River Mohona,Chandipur
Emami Jagannath Temple,balasore,odisha
Emami Jagannath Temple (Jai Jagnannath)
Panchalingeswar Mandir,Balasore,Odisha
Inside Panchalingeswar Temple,Odisha

Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary,Odisha
Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary,Odisha

If you are only planning to visit Kuldiha & Panchalingeswar you can check out the following video and prepare a short 1N/2D trip out of this.

Please let me know if you have liked the format of this article by commenting below.Please also check out the article about Chandipur and full review of Hotel Muktangan to get an idea about the place.

Feel free to Praise/Abuse me anytime you wish to to so i can take those feedbacks and improve my skills.

Till Then... Jatna Neba Payeen (Take Care in Odiya language)


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